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Reference ABT-Wax
1.01 Brand ABTECH
1.02 Model Fedra-CL 1200
1.03 Note The following data can be customized on specific needs of the client
1.04 Type Wax coating and lamination line
1.05 Applications One side paper coating
Two sides paper coating
One side paper coating and lamination with aluminium foil
1.06 Availability In 8 months from the date of order
1.07 Max web width (mm) 1.230
1.08 Max working width (mm) 1.200 (max coating width)
1.09 Min working width (mm) 600 (min coating width)
1.10 Speed (m/min) 250 (max mechanical speed)
1.11 Materials Paper - weight range: 20 - 120 g/ m2
Aluminium foil - thickness range: 6,35 - 25 micron
1.12 Unwinders 1 & 2 For single reel with expandable shafts (3” and 6” diameters)
1.13 Mother reels Max weight of reels: 1.000 kg
Max diameter of paper reels: 1.000 mm
Max diameter of aluminium foil reels: 600 mm
1.14 Rewinder For single reel with expandable shafts (3” and 6” diameters)
1.15 Daughter reels Max weight of reels: 1.300 kg
Max diameter of reels: 1.000 mm
1.16 Web tension range 4 - 40 kg
1.17 Coating group 3 rollers system for single side coating: chromed coating roller, heated by thermal oil; rubberized dosing roller; rubberized pressure roller.
4 rollers system for double side coating: two small rollers dip the paper into the wax; the chromed roller (heated by thermal oil) and the rubber roller work as metering rollers and remove excess wax.
Stainless steel wax tank with one internal pipe serpentine (located in the interspace of the tank) for thermal oil circulation.
1.18 Lamination group Chromed laminating roller, heated by thermal oil
Pressure roller covered by special rubber, antistatic type, with independent pressure adjustment on both sides.
1.19 Cooling rollers group N. 2 chromed cooling rollers
Calender N. 1:  diameter equal to 400 mm
Calender N. 2:  diameter equal to 400 mm
Calender N. 2 is also equipped with a pressure roller to increase the cooling effect
1.20 Motion transmission The main motor is connected by mechanical speed variators to the coating rollers, the lamination rollers, and the two calenders
1.21 Further information The machine needs:
1) the wax preparation system
2) the chiller to feed the water to the 2 calenders
3) the heating system for thermal oil
All of them can be quoted upon request