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The ABTECH Srl team of highly skilled technicians has worked for years in the field of flexible packaging.
Good for your businesses or theirs? We know that the major machinery manufacturers are constantly trying to produce standard machinery from standard parts for reasons of economics? In many cases this suits both you and them, but there are times when your business needs something a bit special to stand out from your competitors or to take advantage of a niche market.

Having been asked to fulfill this need by many customers, we decided to specialize in the design and manufacture of highly customized equipment groups as well as full lines.

The main technologies that we deal with are: rotogravure and flexo printing, coating of lacquers, resins and adhesives, lamination groups, embossing of aluminum foil, slitters, extrusion and extrusion coating.

Examples of what our customers have asked us for that suited their requirements for the packaging of specific products, we developed and built the following machines:

A complete line for the embossing of thin aluminum foil which was then laminated with paper. It is a machine used in the manufacturing of products for packaging chocolate, butter, soup cubes, etc.

Complete wax coating line for paper, and possible lamination with alu foil.
The wax coating can be done on one side or both sides of the paper.
In case of lamination with aluminum, it is coated with wax only one side of the paper.

If you need a specific type of machine that will help your production and business, please contact us.